Automated discovery of assets and security policies through advanced Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) techniques.

Our Machine Learning technology allows you to gain a quick understanding of the network dynamics and the interactions between your devices without investing any effort. You can automatically characterize all the devices connected to your network, so as the traffic flows associated to the different groups within your organization. In addition, you can integrate flowSec Intelligence and flowNAC, improving the security of your network and simplifying the security policy creation. It allows you to have a clear and updated view of ongoing interactions between the assets and also enables anomaly detection, being inmediately notified of any change out of the ordinary inside your network.

Reduce time and effort needed during the deployment phase
Clear understanding of exchanged traffic flows
Automatically classify devices connected to the network
The system is continuosly learning
Accelerate the securing of your network
Continuous analysis for anomaly detection
Discover your assets easily
Discover your assets automatically and let the system group them and refine their security policies for you with our light and easy-to-deploy component.