Secure your network with Keynetic

The security of your company involves multiple components, including your assets and the communication network. That is why at Keynetic we advocate for a centralized security orchestration to reduce your attack surface.

Secure network design
Network automation
Enhanced access control
Simplify the policy deployment
Multi-vendor firewall integration
Network monitoring

Increase the security of your network step by step

We believe that security is an iterative process that must be adapted to your needs and specific scenario.

Start now collecting actual data from your network, visualize your assets and benefit from our identity-based network access control solution tailored to your needs.

Our products fit multiple scenarios and support multi-vendor equipment, not being tied to specific technologies.

What do we offer?

Keynetic is an innovative cybersecurity SME with its own cybersecurity products for network security and intelligence build on top of the most advanced technologies: Software Defined Networking (SDN), Network Automation and Machine Learning (ML).

SDN-based security solution that reduces the risk to cyberattacks and simplifies the security management

ML-based security solution focused to automate the discovery of assets and enabling security policies

IEC 62351-9 compliant solutions for your power management equipment that make key exchange in Smart Grids secure